• Accomplishments come in many shapes and sizes! We are fortunate to work with such amazing individuals and they have asked us to share their successes with you!
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  • Totally Talented 2015
    Totally Talented 2015
  • Amazing Individuals
    Amazing Individuals
    Accomplishments come in many shapes and sizes! We are fortunate to work with such amazing individuals and they have asked us to share their successes with you!
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  • Camp Carnival
    Camp Carnival
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The Arc of Washington provides advocacy, support and referral services for individuals with disabilities and their families. Many of these families need support and have very little resources available to them. There are no costs for the services provided and services include attendance at meetings, assistance in locating services, phone consultation, parent group meetings and trainings. In many instances, the support that the Arc of Washington provides assists families in not needing additional high cost services and allows families to be more successful in providing care for their family members at home.

Each month since 2009, the Arc of Washington assists an average of 15 individuals or families. This includes attending meetings with families and school districts. Each individual received an average of one hour or more of support.

The Arc of Washington provides training free of charge to families, service professionals and self advocates. Since 2009, eight trainings (averaging 3 hours each) are held each year.

The Arc of Washington does presentations for many groups in the area (Rotary, Knights of Columbus, PA Fraternal Alliance) educating community members on the benefits of inclusion of individuals with disabilities and helping to mitigate discrimination.

The Arc of Washington represents the area throughout the state on development of public policy and legislative actions affecting this vulnerable population. The Arc of Washington offers great support and guidance to legislators through its affiliation with the Arc of PA and representation with the Pennsylvania Council of Executives.

The Arc of Washington and Arc Human Services supports Club Arc and their Annual Carnival. Club Arc provides social activities for individuals each month and an opportunity for family members to connect and build natural supports. These activities are also usually free of charge or at a significantly reduced rate; since 2009, 20 hours of activities are held each year. The Annual Carnival is one of the largest events that is offered to the community; over 250 individuals and families attend each year.

Camp Laughalot is an essential service in the area. Each summer over 175 children attend this much needed summer program. Camp Laughalot prevents children from needing a more costly level of care throughout the summer and provides a vital child care resource for parents. Arc of Washington/Arc Human Services provides scholarships and reduced tuition rates to ensure that every child has the opportunity to attend; each year, scholarships are provided; in 2012 and 2013 over $10,000 in scholarships were awarded.

Since 2007, the annual Golf Outing, held at Quicksilver Golf Course, attracts over 100 golfers each May. The Arc of Washington, Arc Human Services, and AAdvantage management staff volunteer planning the event, gathering sponsors, prizes, auction and raffle items, and registering the golfers. Over 20 individuals in the Arc Works for Students Program, along with their staff, have been working the event for the past three years; welcoming the golfers; handing out lunches to the participants; selling raffle tickets; and presenting awards and prizes.

AAdvantage, Inc. is the parent company of Arc Human Services, Life Management Consultants, Residential Recovery Services, the AAdvantage Foundation, and Arc AAdvantage.

The AAdvantage structure allows for shared resources and distribution costs without losing their public identity. By tapping into shared assets, each organization has the opportunity to work together, offering individuals who once may have been refused due to limitations, to receive assistance from a sister agency.

Organizations under the AAdvantage, Inc. umbrella utilize administrative supports, including:

  • Fiscal Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Building and Maintenance Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Administrative Services